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…and then I realized it doesn’t actually matter if I have heat damage.

as long as my hair will function for a twist out… and I do twist outs after i straighten my hair ALL the time… I’m good! It’s not like I wear my hair in wash and go’s. All i have to do is put extra care into that part of my hair so it doesn’t break off. 

i need a hat.

Reasons why my Model Model wig “Yulainne” is unfuckwitable.

1. It was too long for me. my opinion it had no shape do it didn’t look natural. The “Yumi” wig kinda curls in at the bottom and looks way more natural.
3. IT WILL NOT CURL. The woman in the video I watched curled her wig and it was the I try to curl mine and I’ve never seen more of an epic fail. Of course this was the more expensive wig. I paid $20 for shit.
4. On my curly wig, there were three combs attached to make it stay on your head. It felt so secure that when I went to parties, I didn’t feel like it was going to fall off. YUMI comes with two combs at the back, and two clips and the invisible part. YULAINNE however just had two clips. This shit feels like it’ll fall of my head if the wind blows. Not to mention one of the clips came off the wig cap, so I basically have one clip.

This wig was honestly a waste of money, which is unfortunate because this is the one that I looked forward to getting most. Everything in my spirit is telling me to throw it away, but I’m too broke for that. Instead I’m in the process of cutting it into a bob. I’m going on vacation for a week in April, and I’d rather just use it on the days I’m at the beach or in the pool. I don’t care if it gets messed up, I just need some thing to throw on my head really quick.

So there’s this Latina in one of my classes. She seems to be very nice but her hair is driving me crazy. It’s obvious that her hair is naturally curly, but her hair is severely heat damaged. I’m talking about straight pieces of hair flying out of her fro like crazy. It even seems like the middle is like shorter, like maybe she cut it, but it’s more than likely broken off. From the outside looking in, it looks like she’s reached a point of defeat with her hair. Like it’s obvious she doesn’t comb it so it’s not getting any better. A part of me just wants to help her cut her hair, and nurse it back to health. But like… I don’t know her do that’s strange.

1) so my new units were delivered, I feel like I’m about to give away my shift so that I can go home and pick them up and try them on.
2) I am VERY nervous about the color. They’re both ombré and in the picture I. The website it looked ridiculously bright, but in a video someone did, it looked completely normal.
3) I’m also fearful of the length, I’m not really with the who 30” crew!


Paper. All these dresses are made of PAPER. Here are ten, but find the rest here. 

(via tinymani)


—- So under my wig, I have my hair twisted into a bunch of little doo doo twits. I took the time to moisturize each one individually after taking them out and combing through my hair. My hair feels very good right now, very loved.
—- I’m proud of myself because I haven’t really been wearing make up. I’m really trying to give my skin a break because it’s looking crazy. I don’t have major pimples, but i do have a lot of dark marks on my face. Besides that, I need to love the skin I’m in, I can admit that sometimes I struggle with that. Surprisingly, most days I still give lipstick a go, though I normally won’t wear lipstick without foundation.
—- I just checked the tracker, it appears that my two new wigs are arriving tomorrow. I wasn’t expecting them until Monday, I hope that I love them. These are straight because I honestly can’t fuck with the curly anymore. My head looks like a giant mat. They’re synthetic but flat iron friendly so we’ll see what happens.
— I’m so excited, Iearned to flat twist my hair!! I always thought I was unable to do it, but something just told me start twisting and it worked. To be honest, the two flat twists I put in my hair looks better than any 3 strand cornrows I’ve ever done.
—I’m excited to start trying new things with my hair. I can’t wait until it gets longer and the possibilities are endless. I also need to explore dying options, but first I need to start lightening my hair with lemon.
-totally fell in love with my hair again. However, I still don’t want to deal with it for a whole, so I need these new wigs to come through for me.

1. This wig was clutch.
2. Didn’t treat it well, so it’s honestly going bye bye next week.
3. Ordered two new wigs, it’s straight and I hope I like it.
4. All this did was teach me that I don’t actually want my hair to be as big as I thought I wanted it to be.
5. My hair is dirty as fuck. Like, I def need an ACV rinse.
6. I’m starting not to like the feel of my own hair.
7. My hair seems to be healthy, but I don’t know, I’m just not happy with it.
8. Definitely think that I’m going to continue protective styling in this manner for at least a year.
9. I’m still pissed as hell that I forgot my hairfinity at home. I’ve been taking some biotin in its place.
10. Emotionally, I’m over this hair journey. I hope I fall in love with my hair all over again sometime soon, because right now I could care less what happens to it.



my new baby, “Flat Out Fabulous”

I only know how to write Roman numerals up to 8.

I. I think I singed my hair in the front where my leave out is. All I know is that I have a bald spot.
II. Actually, that makes two bald spots. What the fuck is life?
III. Castor oil does nothing for me.
IV. This wig is great but I need a new one, one that I take better care of. Def getting one that’s mixed with blond in the near future.
V. I thought this wig thing was gonna be super temporary, but I can see that I might be sporting them long term.
VI. I have to be careful because my hair actually started to loc underneath! I had mini twists for about a month!
VII. Some days I just want to give up and get a perm.
VIII. Forgetting my hairfinity is the blow, but I found some biotin in my hair stash that’ll have to do in the meantime.