Rouge Lips & Luscious Kinks

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“Cheekbones, $3 dresses, & a smile.”

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"My cornerstone, you’re who I go to,
Love that you’ve shown, doesn’t compare to any I’ve known.
You’re the exception to measure…..” thetalentedmrkornegay


1 month after my big chop. (11 months of transitioning). I feel so confident with my natural hair. Everything is going smoothly. I’m enjoying my twist outs because they sucked with my transitioning hair, lol. And I got my wash n go down, whoop! Haha. So glad I made the decision to go natural.


Yes I make faces at myself before I go out 💁.. This was such a fun night

Today, after straightening a piece of my hair, I learned that I’m not bald headed, and my hair has indeed grown, and that shrinkage does not have one bit of respect for me or my self esteem.

I’m eating better, doing very little to my hair, drinking a good amount of water. My hair is very healthy right now. I’m so happy.